Babstovo Mather: The gasoline ignited, causing an inferno that left charred corpses and burnt skeletons.

Okay who is with me on this.. dating is just not fun anymore. You meet someone they are great you really like them and then you go out a few times and BAM! you are not good enough for them but they tell you that it is them .. or you get to know each other really well and then meet and although everything fits up personality wise the attraction is just not there... Or they are totally into you but you are just not feeling it..Remember how easy it was to date in high school? boy likes girl..girl likes boy..girl sends friend to get the low down and BAM! by the end of the day they are dating...As we get older and start dating it is all about well does he have a nice car, does he make bank, do I really want to date someone with kids, is she psycho, maybe I have lost my touch or never had it because I am still that girl in high school thinking.. I wonder if he likes me and not concerned with what he drives or where he lives or how many zero's are on his paycheck. I don't think at my age I will ever find that boy still in high school not literally that likes me for me. Any one with me on this?

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